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Bear Paw Outfitters Black Bear Hunts

what's included

In your bear hunt

Your Black Bear Hunt with Bear Paw Outfitters is a 5-day, 6-night, fully outfitted hunt and includes:

Full Accommodations


Daily Transportation

Hunting Over Active Baits

Hide Preparation & Freezing

Guide Services

Bear Paw Outfitters guests are responsible for their own transportation to camp, bear tags and permits, as well as fishing licenses.


Hunters arrive at Bear Paw Outfitters on Sunday and depart on Saturday.  Your hunt begins on Monday and runs through Friday.


Spring black bear hunts are scheduled for the last two weeks in May and the first two weeks in June.


Where You'll Stay

The accommodations at Bear Paw Outfitters are rustic, clean and comfortable.  The facilities are newer and provide a place for our bear hunters to relax and prepare for their bear hunt.  Electricity is provided by a 17,000 watt generator, and freezers are on site for trophy care.


Flush toilets and a shower facility add to the comfort of your stay, and all bedding requirements are supplied to our bear hunters.

What to bring

Stuff You'll Need For Your Bear Hunt

Weapon of Choice




Rifle Hunters - Blaze Orange Hat & Suit


Bow Hunters - Camo Suit & Hat


Fall Protection Harness (required)


Mosquito Head Net


Video Camera


Digital Camera




Fishing Tackle


Safety Glasses


Hunting Knife


GPS / Compass






Small Backpack


Rain & Windproof Outer Wear


Warm Clothes


Base Layer Clothing


Waterproof Boots


Camp Shoes


Thin Gloves


Personal Toiletries


Insect Repellent


Plastic Cooler (hide transport)


Ear Plugs


Alcohol (if desired)


What You Should Know Before You Come

Before you leave for your bear hunt at Bear Paw Outfitters, you should familiarize yourself with regulations governing hunting and gun registration.  The following links should prove valuable as you prepare for your bear hunt:

Saskatchewan Environment & Resource Management - Hunting Regulations

Canada Firearms Center - Gun Registration


Note:  All non-resident guests must complete the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration (Canadian government forms RMCP 5589 / CAFC 909 and RCMP 5590 / CAFC 910) and present them in triplicate and unsigned at the Canadian border, along with your firearms and $50 Canadian payment.


Further information and the forms can be downloaded from the government website at:  Canadian Firearms Center.


If you will require assistance in obtaining these forms, please call us no later than March so we can be assured of your receiving the forms before you leave for camp.

Northern Saskatchewan Weather

The weather during the spring bear hunting season is typically cool, but comfortable.  Historical daily averages for Saskatchewan bear hunt seasons range from 60-65 deg. F (daily high) to 39-45 deg. F (daily low).

Tips For Entering Canada

To help you cross the border with minimum hassle, here are some basic travel tips plus direct links to the important information:


Note:  When you enter Canada from abroad, passport is required.  A valid visa may also be required.  If you are traveling from the U.S., be sure to allow plenty of time for your passport to be issued.


Criminal Records - Individuals with criminal records, including DUI convictions, may be refused entry into Canada.  A waiver can be obtained, but must be handled prior to travel to Canada.  It is strongly recommended that you apply for a waiver to eliminate the worry of being refused entry.


Learn More About Entering Canada

Getting Your Trophy Home

BPO will skin and freeze your bear and prepare it for transport home.  Taxidermy services are available in Saskatchewan if you desire.  If you plan on taking the hide and skull home, make sure you bring a cooler or tote for transportation.  If you take your hide with you all risk and luggage costs are the responsibility of the hunter.

your bear hunt

A typical day will begin on the deck in front of the cabin with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee and beautiful Saskatchewan morning.


Once everyone has enjoyed a hearty breakfast some decisions will have to be made.  The options will be to spend some time on the quad with your guide baiting, checking for bear activity and getting to know the country and various bait locations.  Another option would be to take advantage of the great fishing in one of the local lakes.  The last option for the die-hard bear hunter is to get into the tree stand first thing in the morning and break up the day how he or she desires.


After an exciting morning of whatever activity is chosen, we will meet back at camp.  The afternoon will allow for activities such as fine tuning your weapons and then to the tree stand for the time of your life!

Bear Paw Outfitters

Jeff Jerome

10905 Manchester Rd.

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Bear Paw Outfitters - Camp

Kilometer 198 Hanson Lake Rd

Deschambault Lake, Saskatchewan

Jeff Jerome:  (716) 435-5141

Ron Viavada:  (716) 471-4993


In addition to excellent black bear hunting opportunities, our camp offers easy access to world-class northern fishing lakes including Deschambault Lake and Limestone Lake.  Fishing licenses are available upon arrival.

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